College STEM Literacy Worker

Shawn Bernier

Shawn Bernier is a College STEM Literacy Worker (CMLW) and Program Developer (PD) for The Young People’s Project as well as a second-year at Wheaton College in Massachusetts pursuing a double degree in Business Management and Computer Science. Shawn’s aspiration is to challenge and stimulate new ideas and perspectives through entrepreneurial ways of thinking. In an ever-evolving technologically advanced society how could we engage ourselves to remain a “step ahead” to serve and assist underserved and underrepresented communities? Shawn discovered The Young People’s Project while attending The Calculus Project and Leadership Academy at Boston University and was met with the opportunity to be a Math Literacy Worker (MLW) when beginning his freshman year of high school. Since then, his drive and voice has been amplified using STEM as his vehicle for a great impact on the various communities all over the world.

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