College STEM Literacy Worker

Sharif Abdullahi

Sharif Abdullahi is a College Math Literacy Worker (CMLW) for The Young People’s Project and a first-year at Wentworth Institute of Technology, studying for a Masters in Computer Science. He is extremely interested in changing the world through programming, not only by educating others about the world of STEM but also by solving world problems with mechanical minds. This is all to advance the world into an era where worth can be extrapolated from creativity that helps everyone. His path to this point was essentially the result of uncontrollable factors. Being introduced to The Young People’s Project experimental class at Excel High School his sophomore year. He then became allured by the possibility of being a Math Literacy Worker (MLW), helping the disadvantaged students in elementary and middle schools not only be on par but surpass their peers. Sharif has been an employee for TYPP ever since, now being a CLMW.


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