School District Liaison

Elizabeth Milewski

Elizabeth Milewski has worked in the Boston Public Schools for the past 17 years and teaching science for 15 years. Mrs Milewski has a BS in Biology and an M.ED in Curriculum & Instruction, both from Northeastern University. She began her career as a classroom teacher, teaching high school Biology, & AP Biology. She went through the Principal Residency Network (PRN) in 2011, obtaining her Principal’s Certification and began her work as the Director of Curriculum & Programming. In that position she focused on Science, Math, Advanced Placement, and Advanced CTE pathways. Over the past 16 years, Elizabeth has focused her time and learning to providing BPS students with the opportunities, content, and skills required for the STEM Professions. She is dedicated to equitable opportunities for BPS most marginalized students and our black and brown students. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys being outside and cooking with her daughter Josephine and husband David.

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